Why Mentors Make The Best Copilots

Old proverb: Birds of a feather flock together.

My version: Birds with the same destination fly together.

Say you live in California. You wouldn’t drive to New York City without a map, would you? Similarly, in order to get anywhere in life, it’s very important to find others who are either on the same path or have already done what you’re setting out to do. Your best copilot is someone who cares about you and your destination, and who is ready to guide you when you seem to be getting lost. 

This translates to other fields as well. If you want to be an entrepreneur, find other aspiring and serial entrepreneurs and hang out with them. Make them your peers and mentors. Learn what and how they think, especially if their opinion differs from yours. Share with them what you know, and learn from them what you don’t. Help others; be helped. 

Think of mentorship like getting on a bus. Knowing which bus to catch comes from the clarity of your vision and the courage to take on the journey. But in order to reach your destination, you have to rely on resources outside of your control, like a competent bus driver and fellow riders who will validate your ride. But if you the right people are in the bus with you and they seek to also reach the same destination, you’ll arrive exactly where you wanted to go. 

 Coming back to birds, enjoy this relevant video. 

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