5 Cs a CEO should never take for granted

I tweeted this thought yesterday as soon as it flashed in my mind, and today I want to expand on that. As the CEO of a fast-growing silicon valley start-up, I have learned that there are 5 things that I should never overlook or take for granted. Customers – Our customers define our brand, our destiny and write our story. So, it is very important to stay in touch with them, listen to them, seek feedback, and exceed their expectations by providing exceptional service.

Colleagues – The real power of any company is its people. As a CEO, I am recognizing how important it is to spend time with my team members, remember their birthdays and special events, appreciate their passion for the company and more importantly to be there when they most need me.

Competition – Having competition for your product or service is a good thing but keeping an eye on it is absolutely important.

Cash – I met a number of CEOs all over the world, and almost all of them seem to have run into a ‘low cash’ situation at some point in their journey. Many of the factors leading to such situations may be beyond our control, but at least we must plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Character – I would rate this above everything else. CEO’s character eventually makes its way into the company’s culture, and a company’s culture has a direct impact on its health and long-term growth. So, never must a CEO compromise or lose sight of this.

Am I missing any C’s? Love to hear your thoughts.


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