TiEcon Women’s Forum, Innovation

While  MentorCloud was at TiEcon “The World’s Largest Conference for Entrepreneurs” last weekend mostly to help run the MentorConnect program and to meet current and future customers, we did get to see some of the presentations in between doing business.  I attended several presentations of the TiEcon Women’s Forum – including the fascinating keynote by Maya Strelar-Migotti, Vice President and Head of IP and Broadband Development Unit, Ericsson Silicon Valley Site (San Jose, California). Ms. Strelar-Migotti presented six rules for leading innovation:

  • Legitimize Innovation
  • Emphasize Learning
  • Appeal to Internal Motivation
  • Have a Method for Innovation
  • Encourage Collaboration
  • Anticipate Customer Needs

She closed by saying “Innovation is a leap into the unknown – it takes courage!”

Other speakers of particular note at the Women’s Forum included Rebecca Parsons (CTO, Thoughtworks), June Riley (Founder and CEO, VC Taskforce), and Neerja Raman (Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Media X, Stanford University).


Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson


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