AAUW, IISc Presentations by MentorCloud

This has been a traveling summer for Team MentorCloud:
In June, Katy Dickinson presented at the the American Association of University Women (AAUW) national convention in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Other presenters at this remarkable event included Lilly LedbetterLinda Alepin, and US Senator Olympia Snowe. On behalf of MentorCloud, Katy Dickinson presented an “Online Mentoring” Special Interest Group (SIG) with Deepti Gudipati, Director, Leadership Programs at AAUW.

More pictures and details are on American Association of University Women in New Orleans (11 June 2013 entry on Katysblog).


In July, Dr. Ravi Gundlapalli presented an interactive session at the Bangalore campus of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) on “Accelerating your career success”. “Work hard & use time wisely” began his talk to over sixty IISc students and few faculty members. The event was hosted by the newly formed student club EntIISc: Entrepreneurship and Innovation at IISc, and was supported by IISc Students’ Council and IISc Alumni Association. During his 45-minute session, Dr. Ravi shared lessons learned from his own entrepreneurial journey and introduced an easy-to-remember 5-step process called KARMA for aspiring students and entrepreneurs to accelerate their success:

  • K – Know your strengths, goals, mentors and alumni to call on for advice
  • A – Act with confidence, passion, sincerity, persistence
  • R – Reflect on how you are progressing, what is working/not working
  • M – Measure progress, resources, perception & branding of your journey
  • A – Acknowledge help of others, reward yourself for successes achieved

Students asked insightful questions throughout the session: how to build great teams – how to protect your ideas – how to take an idea and convert into a viable product – how important is fund raising – how to select mentors – how to be a good mentee – how does one choose when to quit job and become an entrepreneur… The complete video is available on http://vimeo.com/69706629.

Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson and MentorCloud


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