The magic of ‘accelerated success’…

When the right people come together at the right time, magic happens. The magic I am referring to is ‘Accelerated Success.’ I have written earlier about one such magic that happened between me and my mentee Srikanth – who is now a senior at MIT and co-founder of two start-ups. Our vision at MentorCloud is to see this magic happen ‘Hundreds of Millions of Times, globally’ where people with high aspirations are able to find and engage with other experienced people that are willing to share their knowledge. At MentorCloud, we imagine a world where – An engineer in India is able to learn and grow with the help of a subject-matter expert in Boston & vice-versa – A first-time entrepreneur in South Africa is able to learn entrepreneurship best practices from a mentor in Silicon Valley – A fresh woman graduate in Utah is inspired and guided by a woman executive in New York. This is what we refer to as ‘Mentorship Beyond Borders.’ With today’s social media revolution, this is possible and MentorCloud is paving the way.

Ignition in a car happens when the spark comes in contact with the fuel.

Success Acceleration happens when the aspirant comes in contact with the right mentor.



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