Awesome Q1 2014 at MentorCloud

2014 has been an extraordinary year so far at MentorCloud – amazing advisors, collaborative clients, fantastic friends here at Runway and elsewhere, and increasing interest in our platform from all over the world.

Our vision is and has always been to “Build a Mentoring Planet,” where hundreds of millions of us are connected to support one another in our pursuit of professional and personal aspirations. Over the past 90 days, we have showcased our platform to people from Japan, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, France, Colombia, and Saudi Arabia. Wow! Mentoring is now a global phenomena and is being recognized as the only way for true wisdom to be transferred from one individual to another, from one generation to another.  The new era of mentoring has arrived and we are truly leading the way. Thanks to all our ‘MentorCloudians’ who have joined our journey so far.

The cultures, languages, expectations, aspirations, and local conditions may be different from one user to another, but what we are finding as a common theme is people’s desire to accelerate their lives and careers by connecting and engaging with the right people anywhere in the world. This is so universal. With the right mentor(s), one can be on the fast lane to achieve success quicker, provided there is willingness to work hard, to listen, to be open to new ideas, and most importantly to be accountable to someone else — in this case, a mentor.

Mentors on the other hand want to share with those they care about and have a connection with. What’s in it for them? We have spoken to hundreds of mentors, and they tell us repeatedly that it is the immense satisfaction of paying it forward, of being able to add value to someone else, the sense of pride and recognition to accelerate their own career, and in the process to learn about themselves and their own leadership style and influence.

Exactly a month ago on the World Wide Web’s 25th birthday, we coined a new meaning for WWW: “World Wide Wisdom,” at your fingertips, to give and receive.

Next time, I will write about an amazing person I learned of recently. It was Sheila Forte-Trammell who taught me that mentorship is a professional responsibility everyone must undertake to see their profession thrive, and this person I am going to write about is doing exactly that. Stay tuned.


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