Managers as Mentors: A Recipe For Higher Engagement & Retention

Every company is unique, so it makes sense that its mentoring needs might differ from the standard model. With today’s ultra-competitive workforce though, it’s imperative that whatever form it takes, some sort of business mentoring program must be established. This allows for high-potential managers to transfer wisdom and foster talent through mentoring relationships within his or her organization, setting all parties up for success. 

For a diversity of reasons, mentoring relationships can be mutually satisfying for both managers and employees. From a personal standpoint, effective managers and team leaders can serve as role models, who teach attitudes and behavior, lead conversations that provide insight, and stimulate development. From a metrics-driven perspective, teams guided by efficient managers outperform other teams. With exceptional manager mentors, employee engagement and perform can go up exponentially. 

On that note, creating a mentoring program can be the first step towards improving employee engagement long-term. When the confidence and skills of managers improve through mentoring and other initiatives, the managers are able to ignite that same confidence and enthusiasm throughout their team. Mentoring, as part of the leadership development program, gives managers the confidence and competence to work most productively but supportively with their team, in doing so increasing engagement at the group level. If your manager regularly checked in with your projects, obstacles, and goals, chances are that you would feel more socially connected and properly guided within your organization, leading to more job satisfaction and fewer turnovers. 

Most people are busy, so finding time to sit down for a mentoring conversation can be difficult and even intimidating to the subordinate. In order to instill the most open form of communication, managers must remember to keep the conversation light and informal, creating opportunities to extend normal interaction into purposeful engagement. 

With all of that said, what do you think about mentoring? Does your manager also mentor efficiently, or could they use some help as well? Seek the help of expert mentors through MentorCloud, and enable your managers to learn the tips necessary to support you in your career aspirations as well. 


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