Top 5 Advantages of Mentoring in the Workplace

Oftentimes, the workplace is the best place to create mentoring relationships. It provides the right atmosphere for mentees to balance professional ambitions with personal development. The workplace poses many challenges related to emotions like stress, anger, frustration, resentment, envy, etc., at extreme levels—any of which can hinder an employee’s success. But if an employee has a mentor within the workplace, he/she will learn the skills they need to sail through difficult situations and focus on working towards their career goals.

A workplace mentor can take the form of an employer, a manager, or even a fellow employee. Entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses are especially suited for workplace mentoring to equip employees with the self-confidence and skills they need to overcome many of the early-stage struggles these individuals and organizations face. No matter what kind of organization you are, mentoring relationships at work benefit both the employee and the employer. Below are the top five advantages of mentoring in the workplace.

Clarity in Goals Leads to Quality of Work

Clarity in goals is directly proportionate to the quality of work produced. A workplace mentoring relationship will help mentees define their goals and aspirations, and in turn apply that clarity to the work they do. If an employee or mentee knows how and where his/her career path is heading and how the company can play a part in their goals, then he/she will have a focused and deliberate approach towards work.

Retaining Manpower  

A mentor works on both professional and personal growth. When the right balance is struck between these two elements of a mentee’s development, the result is an unwavering personality. These employees are better at resolving conflicts and handling workplace grievances, both of which can lead to high employee turnover if not addressed. Ensuring employee development through mentoring can be especially important for startups, because it allows them to retain the best talent to kick-start the business. A mentor in the workplace will help the mentee to be more expressive, confident, secure, and reliable.

More Learning, Skill Enhancement, and Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing is the keystone of a successful business, and it fosters both skill enhancement and continuous learning for employees. By nature of practice, workplace mentoring instills these three qualities into the business culture. Whether it’s a mentoring relationship between employer and employee, senior and junior colleague, or team leader and team member, there is learning and knowledge sharing happening. A mentee is able to gain from a mentor’s experience and expertise, allowing them to learn about relevant topics and skills, and ultimately pass that knowledge on to others within the company.

Dealing with Changing Dynamics

Over time, an organization can go through big changes to its business model, workforce, and everyday working environment. Strong mentoring relationships can help employees weather these changes and even grow from them. Employees who are confident and secure in their work and their goals welcome change and do not allow it to hinder their progress. They are better equipped to face changes and adapt to them. For example, there is less chance of jealousy and resentment when fellow team members are promoted. Good mentoring encourages employees to work harder and put forth the effort required to achieve their own success, rather than be discouraged by the success of others.

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Workplace mentoring is a simple and powerful practice that can help an organization become united, productive, more transparent, and highly competitive. If you want to build a strong mentorship community within your organization, contact MentorCloud. MentorCloud will connect you with the right people to help you create your own mentoring practice that is perfect for your team. 

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