Trust and Time: Building Successful Mentorships

There’s a quote that reads, “Love without trust is like a river without water.” We believe that the same applies to mentoring.

Trust is a fundamental building block in the foundation of any relationship, and a relationship between a mentor and mentee is no exception. Trust is only achieved through time, however, as the right amount of time invested in the relationship is what allows trust to build and strengthen.

The goal of mentoring is to provide guidance and support to an aspiring mentee. It takes time to establish a collaborative relationship where both mentor and mentee can learn from each other and devise a strategic plan for reaching desired goals. And it takes trust to work together and tackle the challenges that most aspiring business professionals face, like overcoming fears, building confidence, and taking risks.

These two themes, time and trust, are repeated again and again in relation to successful mentoring relationships. Their value cannot be overstated. To ensure that you are giving them the right attention, here are some tips on how to best incorporate time and trust into your mentoring relationships:

Time: Time is a precious resource that once lost cannot be regained. Respect mentees by respecting their time.

  • Mentors should administer their programs in a systematic manner that makes the best use of their mentees’ time.
  • At the start of every mentoring relationship, allow sufficient time for mentees to get to know you and feel comfortable sharing their fears and goals with you. Provide the mentee time to open up and drop their shyness and inhibitions.
  • Let mentees know that their time is important to you by being consistent with scheduling meetings and discussions.
  • Convey the message that your time is dedicated to them by focusing on progress and results.

Trust: As a mentor, it’s your fundamental goal to build trust with your mentees. Without trust, the mentor-mentee relationship will go nowhere.

  • Guarantee confidentiality from the get-go. Assure your mentee that your exchanges are secure and confidential, and that nothing will be shared outside the relationship.
  • Be honest and transparent with your mentee. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Share your career story and the personal journey that got you to where you are.
  • Eliminate fear and intimidation by answering their questions and encouraging them to ask more.
  • Be reliable. Show up for each and every scheduled meeting and be available for your mentee when they need you.

Time builds trust, and trust opens doors to honest and transparent communication. Without these important elements, a mentoring relationship is doomed to fail. Giving each the focus they deserve will earn you the results you strive for in a successful mentorship.

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