From Woman to Woman: The Power of Mentoring

One of the most powerful gestures a successful businesswoman can make is to foster the career of another woman.

Granted, things are better than they once were, but the workplace can still be an intimidating place that doesn’t always welcome diversity or change. As fellow women who have worked through the challenges and grown stronger and more knowledgeable because of them, seasoned businesswomen have a unique perspective on what it takes (and what it means) to be successful in business.

According to an article published by The Center for American Progress, women make up only 14.6% of executive officers in the U.S. This figure increases or decreases depending on what industry you look at, but the percentage never rises above 16%. That means that women are vastly undervalued in leadership, and the climb to the top can be a lonely journey.

Mentoring is one factor that can make a considerable difference in a female employee’s aspirations to one day lead a team of her own. Women leaders are in a position to foster traits that are unique to women and make them especially suited for roles in leadership, helping them develop or embolden the following characteristics:

  • Opportunity-driven
  • Strategic
  • Passionate
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Purposeful and meaningful
  • Traditions and family 

Women are the best ones suited to understanding the thought process, work ethics, and goals of other women, and to use these factors to their advantage. All too often though, the opposite happens – women end up working against each other, fearing that the only way to succeed is to win out over one another. This behavior is especially prevalent in women manager/direct-report relationships, where managers work to keep their employees in their places, for fear they may succeed and take their jobs. But this is the mindset that needs to change. 

The road to success lies in mentoring your employees rather than working against them. One businesswoman mentoring another not only fosters collaboration and growth, but also fierce loyalty and a sense of solidarity. You can achieve far more with a team of individuals who see you as a leader to admire and learn from rather than an unapproachable boss to be feared.

The benefits of mentoring become even stronger and more meaningful when a successful businesswoman applies them to guiding the career of another woman. Not only will they pass on skills and knowledge related to a particular field, but skills and knowledge related to what it means to be a woman working in that field and what it takes to rise to the top.

A woman mentor will pass on valuable lessons, like the importance of sharing your opinion, standing behind a cause, owning your work, and not shying away from a challenge. They can advise a mentee on how to show leadership skills by taking initiative, being confident in front of a group or spearheading a project, and working with coworkers—both men and women—instead of against them. These are all traits of strong leaders, and learning to embrace them can mean the difference between advancing in a career and stagnating in place.

If you are a woman who has been successful in your career, consider taking on a female colleague as a mentee. Your knowledge and guidance will point them in the direction of success and equip them with the tools and confidence they’ll need to follow their dreams of becoming a leader.

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