Building Mentoring into Your Business Structure

Traditional business structures have promoted a vertical hierarchy, with executives and seasoned employees at the top, highly inaccessible to junior employees at the bottom. This kind of closed-off structure invariably creates barriers to communication within a company, and also produces gaps where knowledge and skills fall through.

You may still see this type of structure in antiquated organizations unwilling to let go of the old way, but most organizations that want to thrive in today’s business world have taken on a structure of a more horizontal nature, one that fosters knowledge share and collaboration among its employees—both senior and junior.

Gaps in communication are bound to happen in any organization, but when you put into place the proper channels and programs, and create an environment of collaboration and learning, you can come pretty close to a progressive work culture that incorporates interactive, approachable management and employees who are engaged and always growing.

Mentoring naturally fits into this new type of business structure. The nature of a horizontal business structure is one of shared ideas and skills, and a workforce that thrives on learning new things and/or sharing their knowledge with others. Junior employees learn from senior executives because oftentimes, they are working side-by-side, sometimes even learning from each other. Effective mentoring in this setting empowers individuals to think creatively rather than simply take direction, and encourages them to challenge themselves in determining the direction of their careers.

Whether mentoring takes place in a group setting or on a one-on-one basis, the interaction and increased level of trust that is fostered through mentoring will serve to strengthen the ties that bind a vertical business structure together. It will close the gaps in communication by eliminating red tape and teaching employees to work together in not only realizing the company’s goals, but also their own.  

If your organization is just starting out, consider building a business structure that promotes collaboration and open communication among all levels of the organization. Take the steps to begin incorporating a strong mentoring program that matches your experts with employees who are eager to learn. You’ll create a fun, interactive environment with the power to boost morale and foster employees who are loyal to your company and each other. 

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