Web Worthy: A Weekly Mentoring Roundup (June 26 – July 2)

MentorCloud’s Web Worthy series is a curated list of the best mentoring articles and stories from the past week. Check in every Thursday for inspiration, guidance, and practical advice on everything related to mentoring!

The Takeaway: 

  • Corporate diversity conference promotes mentoring by Christian Morrow via New Pittsburgh Courier of Real Times Media
    • “‘But it goes beyond that, beyond “the illusion of inclusion,”‘ said Castleberry-Singleton. ‘It’s the difference between mentorship and sponsorship—that means you have skin in the game. It takes a conscious personal commitment from everyone.’ “
  •  Antrim businesses can ‘Ask’ for mentoring via Antrim Times
    • “My mentor was able to give tips and advice to progress my skills and gave me the confidence to give things a go with support. The recommendations and advice were excellent.“
  • SWAZILAND TOURISM GETS A LITTLE HELP FROM THE GUARDIAN by Nokwanda Diamini-Masuku via Swazi Observer
    • “Today, smart organisations are realising that a workplace mentoring program can serve the entire employee lifecycle.”
  •  Professional women share how to leverage mentoring relationships by Lesa Jones via Tulsa Business & Legal News
    • “According to a 2011 LinkedIn Study, 82 percent of women agree on the importance of having a mentor, but 20 percent of women have never leveraged these relationships.”
  • Talent Management Mentoring in Precarious Relationships by Marshall Goldsmith via Talent Management Magazine
    • “Mentoring in precarious relationships offers unique rewards and challenges. The secret to success lies in taking what is a unique relationship and managing the exchange of wisdom so it maintains and honors equality.”


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