Web Worthy: A Weekly Mentoring Roundup (July 10 – July 16)

MentorCloud’s Web Worthy series is a curated list of the best mentoring articles and stories from the past week. Check in every Thursday for inspiration, guidance, and practical advice on everything related to mentoring!

The Takeaway:

  • Mentoring Is Critical to Keep Minorities in STEM by Sophia Shaw via Entrepreneur
    • “These programs offer a formal mentoring structure — whether mentors are paid or volunteer– through which youth have access to people committed to supporting the success of the next generation.”
  • Why Your Mentor Doesn’t Need To Look Like You by Denise Restauri via Forbes
    • “What we heard is that the relationships these women cultivated with smart men have been as vital to their success as the number of amazing women they have worked for and with along the way.”
  • Northern Trust’s First Female COO Chats About Innovation, Mentoring  by Becky Yerak via Chicago Tribune
    • ” ‘Really, it’s mutual mentoring. A lot of these people teach me about things that are happening in the business that I can’t see through my lens, things we need to pay attention to. But some of them also teach me how to use that new technology.’ “ 

In addition to bringing you to the best articles on mentoring each week, MentorCloud’s Web Worthy series will be sharing two articles featuring key business insights from some of the top publications. This week’s business insights discuss innovation in business.

The Takeaway:


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