Web Worthy: A Weekly Mentoring Roundup (July 24 – July 30)

MentorCloud’s Web Worthy series is a curated list of the best mentoring articles and stories from the past week. Check in every Thursday for inspiration, guidance, and practical advice on everything related to mentoring!

The Takeaway:

  • How to Find a Mentor on LinkedIn by Chris Spurvey via LinkedIn
    • “Most mentors are leaders. Most leaders are readers, and many readers are also writers. They simply want to share their stories and experiences—good and bad—with the world.”
  •  How to get a mentor who’ll transform your life by Angela Priestley via SmartCompany
    • “Simply asking somebody to “mentor you” is not good enough. You need to have a clear direction and goal for what you want to get out of the relationship.”
  • 4 Ways to Create a Culture of Daily Mentorship by Gabrey Means and Cassie Hughes via Fox News
    • “According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, young high-achievers value mentoring and coaching and often leave current gigs in a quest to have those needs met.”

In addition to bringing you to the best articles on mentoring each week, MentorCloud’s Web Worthy series shares two articles featuring key business insights from some of the top publications. This week’s business insights discuss hiring.

The Takeaway:

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Hiring Process Is Killing Your Company by Adam Robinson via Entrepreneur
    • “The right hiring process attracts the right talent — the kind that builds your culture, drives your business and wins your market. The wrong hiring process (or lack of one) leads to a company filled with underperformers and poor fits — costing you time, money and opportunity.”
  • Helpful and Unexpected Hiring Tips for CIOs  by Mike Moore via The Wall Street Journal
    • “…the MVPs on modern IT teams know that they serve the business, and the only score that matters is the one that measures the success of the organization as a whole.”


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