Web Worthy: A Weekly Mentoring Roundup (July 31 – August 6)

MentorCloud’s Web Worthy series is a curated list of the best mentoring articles and stories from the past week. Check in every Thursday for inspiration, guidance, and practical advice on everything related to mentoring!

The Takeaway:

  •  The Feeling is Mutual: Mentoring the Next Generation by Sara Bamossy via MediaPost
    • “I strongly believe in mutual mentorship. For mentors, this means being aware that mentees are most likely to admire and covet your approach and experience, not your job. And for mentees, this means you don’t just ask for a mentor, you become mentorable. Bottom line, we can learn from each other.”
  • Why I Have a Reverse Mentor by Alexandra Cainvia The Age
    • “I’m of the belief that unless you keep up with the times, you’ll be left behind in a world where technology moves at lightning speed.”
  • Mentoring, Half-time Work Help NASA Glenn Address Aging Workforce by Chuck Soder via Crain’s Cleveland Business
    • “Though the center needs young blood, it also values the knowledge of older employees…We are hoping we can capture some of that expertise before it walks out the door.”

In addition to bringing you to the best articles on mentoring each week, MentorCloud’s Web Worthy series will be sharing two articles featuring key business insights from some of the top publications. This week’s insights address productivity in the workplace.

The Takeaway:


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