Why MentorCloud is a Far Superior Platform as Compared to Other Mentoring Platforms in the Market

Organizations today have realized just how beneficial it is to invest in their employees through mentoring. As a result, there are plenty of mentoring software available in the market today, each with their own features and specializations.

For organizations, choosing the right mentoring software is equally important as implementing a mentoring program itself. You need to make sure that you use a platform that is conducive to your needs and goals, that is simple and easy to use, and one that your employees can benefit most from. It’s not practical nor ideal to run mentoring programs using just emails and spreadsheets, so what platform can you choose to employ?

MentorCloud is one of the leading mentoring software, available for organizations across industries all over the world. We are passionate about helping your employees reach their full potential, while your organization benefits at the same time too. We strongly believe that the backbone of an organization is its employees, and investing in them can bring about unprecedented ROI.

If you are still not convinced that MentorCloud is the right mentoring software for your organization, here are the reasons that show that it is a superior platform as compared to other mentoring platforms in the market.

  •      Unique mentor-mentee matching algorithm

MentorCloud’s unique mentor-mentee matching algorithm is one of the top reasons why the platform works so well. Using a multi-parameter-based engine that uses the powerful IBM Watson, you can be sure that you match your employees with suitable mentors. Taking into consideration the mutual goals, values, needs, interests, and directions, MentorCloud will match your employees with mentors whom they can benefit from the most. In fact, more than 95 percent of users report that accurate matching is the number one value the platform provides.

  •      Cloud-based technology for your convenience

MentorCloud understands just how much digitization has seeped into our everyday lives, and how this affects the way we work. Today, for any professional platform to be feasible and serve some value, ease of access is one of the most important factors to consider. Being a cloud-based platform, MentorCloud is easy to access and is extremely user-friendly, allowing the forming of meaningful, mutually beneficial connections across the globe.

  •      Availability of workshops and training programs

Another special and unique feature of MentorCloud is that it has something called MentorCloud University, which is like an online school that provides valuable workshops and training for the mentors and mentees on the platform. These workshops and training programs, known as “The Art of Mentoring,” contribute greatly towards crafting a holistic, enhanced experience for all users.

  •      A unique 7-step mentoring program framework

What distinguishes MentorCloud from other mentoring software available today is its one-of-a-kind 7-step mentoring program framework. Using this well-researched, carefully developed framework, you can roll out your very own mentoring program for your organization that your employees will surely benefit from. Thanks to this framework, MentorCloud has helped many top organizations launch comprehensive, successful mentoring programs that have helped retain employees, decrease turnover, and improve overall job satisfaction.

  •      Valuable, personalized content and real-time dashboard

MentorCloud makes available a program administration module where users can access dashboards that provide real-time information, as well as valuable feedback and surveys. On top of this, you can share and receive personalized content tailored to your interests and goals including newsletters with other users. Your dashboard even provides you with the tools to manually match with another user.

As you can see, MentorCloud offers many unique features that other mentoring software simply don’t provide, making it one of the best platforms available today.


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