How to Recruit Employees for Your Mentoring Program

The benefits of a mentoring program for a company can be business-changing. From increased employee engagement to improved productivity and ultimately, a higher bottom line, all the parties involved have numerous benefits to take away.

It’s no surprise that so many companies have chosen to implement a mentoring program. However, many make the mistake of merely designing a program, and not doing anything about it. In other words, they think the work is done when the mentoring program is ready, when, in fact, it has only just begun.

A critical step is to let your employees know about the mentoring program so you can recruit interested participants. Here are some tips to help you out:

·      Share the news everywhere

The first step to letting people know about the new mentoring program is to make announcements and share the news everywhere. If you let it be and hope it gains momentum on its own without you doing anything, you probably won’t create curiosity or interest.

Make sure to send out emails notifying employees that you are launching a new mentoring program, put up posters where people tend to gather such as break rooms, cafeteria, etc. You can also have managers remind their teams during meetings about the program. The more they hear about it, the more interest you can stir.

·      Make sure employees know how they can benefit from the mentoring program

In order to invest your time and energy into anything, you need to understand how it can benefit you. Don’t expect employees to be interested in becoming a mentor or mentee in the program just out of sheer curiosity. Make sure they know how they can benefit from it, what they can learn from it to advance their career. Both mentee and mentor must be well aware of how the program works so they can decide how they can make the most of it.

·      Directly contact participants you have in mind

If you already have high-potential participants in mind, then do not hesitate to directly get in touch with them and ask them to join the mentoring program. If you think someone will make a great mentor, contact them and let them know you value their qualities and insights, and that you think they can help transform the organization. Likewise, if you think someone will make a great mentee, let them know that you believe they have great potential and that you want to help them get a great mentor who will help them advance their career.

·      Make sure potential employees are aware of the mentoring program

It’s not just your existing employees that you can target. Don’t forget to let potential employees that your organization offers a high-impact mentoring program. During company benefits discussion with the potential employees, make sure HR highlights the fact that they can benefit from the program. This will make them more eager to join your company as it is the perfect opportunity to get to meet new people, including superiors.

·      Ask participants to share their success stories

Once the pilot program is done and dusted, there will be plenty of mentees and mentors who have completed the mentoring program. Ask these participants to share their success stories with other people in the company, so that they may be inspired to join too. If people learn about the benefits from real people that they work with every day, they are more likely to be interested, making it easier to recruit them.

With these recruitment strategies, you can be confident that your mentoring program will be a success!


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