Innovative ways to sustain your mentor/mentee relation. Is it fizzing out?

Most of the times, the employee gets burnt out with the monotony, loses interest and passion. In such an instance, the employee needs to be motivated regularly and his/her progress has to be checked on a timely basis. Here’s where a mentor’s timely guidance and support can sustain good results from the employee.

As employee welfare is a vital aspect, every organization must work hard to retain its employees and constantly support them in all of their endeavors. However, despite your best efforts as a mentor, you may have faced several challenges with your mentees. One of them is your relationship with a mentee.

Over time, due to work-related pressures or lack of effort, your relationship with your mentee may start to fizz out. This may result in lack of communication or no efforts from your mentee to update you about his/her progress. If you do not work on your mentor/mentee relationship, it will spiral downwards and lead to employees quitting the organization in the worst case scenario.

Several factors might indicate that your mentoring is waning. The moment those factors become obvious, the mentor should take note and work towards solving it. However, the inevitable truth is that your mentor-mentee relation will eventually run its course over an extended period of time. The trick is to elongate it as much as possible.

Sustaining a relationship with your mentee can become an easy task if these simple yet powerful points are kept in mind:

-Encourage your mentee to initiate conversations about progress and development from time-to-time.

-Plan your activities well in advance and keep a written document of the same so that both the parties are aware of the parameters.

-Change the style of meetings once in a while to break the monotony and try out meetings through phone, e-mail or video conferencing.

-Ensure that your mentee is aware of confidentiality which encourages transparency in communication and also motivates him/her to be honest.

-Encourage your mentee to regularly revise goal statements and long-term plans so that they feel purposeful.

-Making your expectations clear from the start will also be beneficial to your mentees as they will know what to expect and how to go forward with it.
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