The MentorCloud Story!

People ask me “How did this all start?” So I wanted to candidly talk about how the idea of MentorCloud came about and some of the early experiences that led to setting a big vision, then launching the technology platform, and then eventually even writing a book on the topic of Mentorship.

The Birth of MentorCloud

​​I have been mentoring students throughout my career. While I was working on the 787 Dreamliner, I ran a mentoring services company called Turning Point Academy that provided academic counseling to middle school and high school students. I had experienced first hand the power of mentoring so I updated my vision to bring the power of mentorship to 100 million people.

​​The experience of mentoring a visually challenged student to study in and graduate from MIT, and the close call with death, set the stage for MentorCloud. But, why a platform and how would that work?

​​That is where my supply chain experience came in handy. Throughout my supply chain work, I was involved in aligning supply with demand. I know that magic happens when supply meets demand. I looked at Supply as availability of wisdom and willingness to share that wisdom with another human being. I looked at Demand as the need for that wisdom, and the willingness to learn and grow from that gained wisdom. I quickly found that the so-called ‘Supply Chain of Wisdom’ is broken and not very effective in companies and communities.

​​And today, I’m really, really proud to say that the MentorCloud platform is being used by mentors and mentees in 150 countries.

The journey begins…

When I look back and reflect on it, I feel very fortunate that rather than just brushing off those incidences, I’m glad I took the time to reflect on those experiences and found my calling and life purpose.

As you probably realized by now, MentorCloud is just not a software company. It was never my 1st intention to create a software platform that I can sell to thousands of customers. MentorCloud is a mission with a company behind it – the mission to transform the lives and careers of 100 million people by connecting them with the right mentors, and catalyzing the right kind of conversations.

Everyone on our team has developed this mindset that when we work with an organization to launch their mentoring program, our goal is really to make their mentoring program successful. We ensure that their mentoring program is designed and executed well, and all the participants are trained on how to be good mentors and mentees, and how they can benefit the most from their mentoring interactions.

​​Thank you for reading this far, and for visiting us today. If any aspect of our story resonated with you, email us or call us, and let us explore how we can work together to bring the power of mentorship to 100 million people, globally.