Bring on equal opportunities for women employees with women mentors

In a fiercely competitive environment, such as workplace, one can often be bogged down with various challenges that occur on a daily basis. In such an instance, it always helps to have someone that can make your stay a little less taxing, providing the right degree of motivation from time-to-time. Here’s where we delve on the presence/existence of a mentor in your workplace, because a mentor can ease those tumultuous moments that new employees may experience.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that women employees are prone to a higher degree of challenges as compared to men. Woman employees, who are new to a domain, require guidance, support and encouragement from time-to-time. This will help them to steer ahead with new-found confidence and assurance. This may include sufficient knowledge transfer and imbibing required skill sets to commence work.

Such instances are also applicable in several industrial organizations where they have majority of male workforce. This imbalance in the ratio may tend to cause unforeseen challenges in the way tasks are executed.

While many women employees may not be completely comfortable or honest with a male mentor, a female mentor can break the barriers of communication. She can encourage complete honesty and candor amongst the female mentees. This alleviates stress in interpersonal relationships and work-related matters, bringing about a sense of unity in the organization. There are some workplaces having specific rules against certain forms of interaction which can cause friction between male-female mentoring relations. These are the exact instances where a senior female mentor could mitigate all that tension and execute the task of successfully achieving co-existential harmony.

In a given workforce, where a lot is expected out of an employee, there are various pitfalls around the corner. Women employees, in addition to working, have to juggle their personal commitments. While a male mentor can completely comprehend delicate issues, a woman mentor, is more likely to empathize and offer motivation in times of doubt and fears/insecurities.

Successful start-ups must not undermine the contribution of factors like gender equality in their success story, making workforce ratio equality and positive reinforcement for employees, vital for employee retention.
It is time to realize the importance of a powerful women workforce in your organization. MentorCloud seeks to be the ideal platform for you to apply this realization within the organization. Create a mentoring environment for women in your organization which makes them productive and trustworthy employees. If you have other ideas pertaining exclusively to women mentors and their contributions in a workplace, we will help you execute them.