It’s time to move on! Ending your relationship with a mentor

The ability to remain professional also includes the ability to realize when the mentoring relationship has run its course and/or when it is no longer necessary. This blog deals how to identify the signs when it is time to move on from a mentor/mentee and how to prepare for ending the relationship.

Keep moving

When mentors/mentees feel that they have achieved their goals, it would be the right time to end the mentorship course. The biggest challenge in a mentoring program is to end the relationship because it may lead to anxiety or surprise. Although a lot of effort is put throughout the mentoring course, people often fail to pay attention to the ending phase of mentoring. Individuals who fear that ending the relationship may hurt the other person may have a feeling of difficulty and discomfort. There are also instances when mentoring partners become friends and they sway more into an informal relationship. But, keep moving, for it is your life and career.

Assure what you have learnt

At this stage both the mentor and the mentee must have a mutual learning experience. To have a satisfying end to your mentoring experience you must be proactive and evaluate your relationship at periodic basis. Look out for perceptions when the initial indications to ending your mentoring occur. Always respect your mentoring partners and honor their wishes because that would give a feeling of easiness while ending the relationship. Make sure that you arrive on time for each mentoring session, failing to do so would create hardships when ending the mentoring relationship.

Be in touch forever

Stay in touch with your mentor partners, at least with occasional emails. Don’t end your mentorship abruptly; giving an early notice would be really good, and always tell about ending the relationship in person. Mentees must have a clear idea of what they are going to do after the mentorship program. It would be great when both the mentor and mentee exchange pleasantries on how the course has benefitted them. Finally, celebrate for having such a wonderful mentoring program.

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