Powerful mentoring to accelerate success and growth

Humans are social beings, and I believe in this human connection between people who have thrived by learning. Sharing of knowledge was always there ever since we started to form communities. This human nature is identified as the oldest form of Mentorship. It amuses me when I look back and think how it all started as a one-on-one process to one too many, and presently with the intervention of technology, we could reach out to people sitting across the globe. You will love this sale for sure!

Mentoring as a human quality
As individuals, we are blessed with distinct qualities, and we might be doing better than others with some of those qualities at different points in our lives. How do we help others develop these qualities to succeed in their careers while getting better every passing day? Mentoring is an ideal solution as it facilitates the two-way passage of knowledge transfer.

The inception
I was mentoring students throughout my career. Gradually the idea for MentorCloud came, and some of the early experiences led to setting a big vision. As a result, our team could launch the technology platform. Currently, I am actively mentoring entrepreneurs and students in the US and India and teaches entrepreneurship skills and mindsets at TrepCamp, a training program for aspiring young entrepreneurs from Mexico.

Birth & growth of Mentorcloud
We could write our own story and decide how to get remembered by our future generation. So, I decided to touch millions of lives through mentorship and incite them to fulfill their dreams.

The experience of mentoring a visually challenged 16-year-old student from a small town in India opened my eyes, and I could see the great opportunities in the path. The boy was ambitious and dreamt of studying at MIT. I could mentor him, and he eventually got a chance to study at that prestigious university. This incident became one of the primary reasons behind the birth of MentorCloud.

MentorCloud; Bridging the gaps

As we know, learning a new set of skills is not a tedious task anymore. You name one skill, and the internet will pour you with video tutorials, eBooks, etc. The actual difficulty lies in learning new skill sets that will line with our field of work; that is where MentorCloud comes into the picture.

When the right people come together, magic happens. At MentorCloud, we do the same. That is where my previous expertise came into help. Here I consider wisdom and the willingness to share the wisdom as ‘supply’ and demand is the need for that wisdom to grow. Sooner we could identify a ‘supply chain of wisdom’ everywhere. However, I quickly found that the so-called ‘Supply Chain of Wisdom’ is broken and not very effective in companies and communities.

MentorCloud is not just a company that owns a software platform. We are a mission with a company behind it. Our mission is to change millions of lives and careers through proper grooming and ideal conversations with industry experts. That is why we connect our mentees with mentors who have in-depth industry knowledge in the respective field. Meaningful communications act as catalysts for the mentee.

According to the Global entrepreneurship monitor study, the number of women in the leadership level is still less. There are a lot of pitfalls that act against the dreams of women lead an organization.

1. They do not connect strategically
2. They do not have access to mentors
3. They keep a low key when it comes to success.

To reduce the gap, we have designed an exclusive platform for women mentors and mentees.
WE Platform
Women are evolving continuously, and they are doing well in various fields like entrepreneurship, administration, medical, and engineering. The opportunity is still confined to a smaller number of women. These statistics from studies on women leadership by reputed organizations pushed us to create a mentoring platform for women, as we could sense the need for a mentoring platform.

The WE Platform is a mentoring community that brings together successful entrepreneurs as Mentors and early-stage women entrepreneurs as Mentees. We work together to connect with industry experts and make them join as our mentors. Their decades of industry experience is truly an asset for all our mentees who dream of becoming entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in their future.

The technology-driven mentoring platform at WE platform nullifies the pitfalls by facilitating the mentoring opportunity to future entrepreneurs.


Most of the potential influencers or mentors do not identify their power to change other’s life. At the same time, 75% of millennials are interested in finding a mentor. We believe that an experienced meaningful connection between mentors & mentees is a learning process for both parties. With each passing mentoring session, our mentors take away new things about life and career. Hence, mentoring of the younger generation is beneficial for mentors and mentees.