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The benefits of a mentoring program for a company can be business-changing. From increased employee engagement to improved productivity and ultimately, a higher bottom line, all the parties involved have numerous benefits to take away.

The role of manager includes an implicit call to mentor, and yet few managers make the effort to foster learning and growth in their employees. Read on to learn more about how mentoring managers can lead to a ripple effect throughout your organization. 

A Leadership Pipeline ensures that junior employees are groomed right from the start to take on leadership roles as they gain more experience. The model ensures the continuity of a business and puts a succession plan in...
As the need for companies to access valuable, business-changing knowledge and information rise with the increasing competition, many companies are looking at ways to create and maintain a successful knowledge sharing channel in their workplace.
You might be a great motivator and an even better leader, but Google has proven that there’s always more to be done. Employee engagement is all the rage these days, with over 80% of lifetime searches occurring in the...
If you're an employer who claims to communicate well with your employees, you might want to check with them first. Your definition of effective communication may differ drastically from those of your employees. Quick questions to ask yourself: Do your...
Happy Monday! Today we welcome guest blogger, leadership coach, and employee engagement expert Luis Velasquez to share his knowledge on the importance of mentoring. Employee engagement is a hot topic in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Workforces are more fluid, which...

Founders that refuse to address their tendency to micro-manage can cost their company time, talent, and future deals. Our advice to founders: micro-manage the hiring process, but once you’ve made a decision, trust your hire. Give them the tools they need to succeed, then give them a chance to do so.

It's valid to be concerned about increasing employee retention - in today's interconnected world, it's a common practice to jump from job to job, investing only a few years at most to one company before seeking something better. This is somewhat inevitable, but can be slowed with the establishment and maintenance of a robust mentorship program. There's no better time to start company-wide mentoring! Read more here.

A failed founder is without question one of the most experienced people to go after in the job market. They have shown that they will take risks, work long hours to achieve success, communicate with customers, and blend all of the different pieces of a company's operations into one. Most importantly, their previous failures give them an insatiable hunger for success - and it’s your company that will benefit. 

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