THE ANSWER IN SHORT: THE POWER OF CONTEXT! Google needs no introduction. We all are familiar with its services that impact our professional and personal lives. Especially, its search engine. According to a study published on Forbes, over 3.5 billion search...
Most people mistakenly think that they can achieve great success in their career with just an education from a good college, some on-the-job training and experience, and a little bit of hard work. All of these are necessary but...

Want to start 2016 on the right foot? Find a mentor! Aside from simply offering advice, mentors serve to help you sort out your passions, your interests, and your strengths while providing an honest sounding board. Read more!

Dave McClure, founder of 500 Startups, joins MentorCloud CEO Ravi Gundlapalli to share his thoughts on what makes a good mentor and which mentors helped him grow. 

“Having a mentor [who can] provide advice, feedback and direction saves startups time and money by allowing entrepreneurs to tap into the expertise of people who have done it before.” - Narissa Singh, "Why a Mentor is Critical for a Budding Entrepreneur"

“'You want to have multiple sources of mentoring, without being a pest to people... You don’t want to be the mentoring equivalent of my cocker spaniel — ‘Please, please, please, pay attention to me!’" - Lorraine Duffy Merkl, "When Mentoring Turns Toxic"

"Reverse mentoring has started finding its way into enterprises. Experienced executives are turning to their juniors to learn about the latest technologies, new and collaborative tools that make work life easier." -  John Maguire, "Is 'Reverse Mentoring' The Next Big Thing in HR?"

“President Obama endorses the power of mentoring. Legends like Winston Churchill, Bill Gates and even Elvis credit their success to having worked with a mentor." - Ashley Stahl, "The Three Types of Mentors (And Which One You Need Now)"

"There are certain variables that someone looks for in a mentor that change as you get older. The nature of who your mentor is almost certainly changes over time." - David Lumb, "Why You Need a Different Mentor at Every Step in Your Career"

“The Girls in Tech Mentoring Programme celebrates and supports the women tech talent we have, instead of discussing the tech talent it lacks.” - Clare McDonald, "Girls in Tech launches mentoring programme for women in IT"

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