“From the experience I've accrued in working with these mentors, as well as mentoring many startup entrepreneurs myself, I’ve realized this is something you can’t really do without. You need experts to help you with insights and with options that best resolve your challenges.” - Rahul Vershneya, "What No One Tells You About Seeking a Mentor for Your Startup"

“The highest form of respect you can pay a person is to listen to and act on their advice. Not always, of course, but consistently.” - Whitney Johnson, "You're Mentoring Wrong - Why It's a Two-Way Street"

“Someone who’s ascended the corporate ladder through generosity and kindness is likely a better candidate to mentor you than someone with a cutthroat attitude who doesn’t make a habit of paying it forward.” - Susan Johnston, "7 Traits of Great Mentors"

“In particular, serving as a mentor can allow one to keep contributing professionally after retirement and to stay intellectually and interpersonally engaged with science.” - Barbara Gastel, "'Staying Active' after Retirement: Consider Mentorship"

"Instead of a single, formal relationship — the seeming gold standard of mentorship — Herjavec recalls a roster of people who have ‘offered advice or a sounding board along the way.’ And those people are mentors, too, even if they're not standing coffee dates.” - Rachel Sugar, "'Shark Tank' investor Robert Herjavec Explains What a 'Mentorship' Means to Him"

"Though the center needs young blood, it also values the knowledge of older employees…We are hoping we can capture some of that expertise before it walks out the door." - Chuck Soder, "Mentoring, Half-time Work Help NASA Glenn Address Aging Workforce

"Most mentors are leaders. Most leaders are readers, and many readers are also writers. They simply want to share their stories and experiences—good and bad—with the world.” - Chris Spurvey, "How to Find a Mentor on LinkedIn"

“Across all these initiatives, one thing is clear: if we want the next generation of tech entrepreneurs to be successful, it is vital that everyone in the industry - at every stage in their career - steps up to get involved in mentoring programmes on both sides - mentor and mentee.” - Chris Ciauri, "The Missing Ingredient in Britain's Tech Start-Ups? Mentoring"

“These programs offer a formal mentoring structure -- whether mentors are paid or volunteer-- through which youth have access to people committed to supporting the success of the next generation.” - Sophia Shaw, "Mentoring is Critical to Keep Minorities in STEM"

“Our society recognizes the value of education, but there are few educational opportunities for entrepreneurs that speak directly to their unique needs  (ie: all the intangible skills it takes to run a business, like reading people in a meeting, negotiating and weeding through different people and talents to find just the right one). Mentoring is the closest thing we have, and it’s as important today as ever.” - Lewis Schiff, "How Mentoring Augments the Entrepreneurial Journey"

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