The Aspiration Below a Staircase

No, this is not about Harry Porter. Recently, one of our global mentors referred to us, a 13-year old girl student who is academically high-achieving and very ambitious. Apparently,...

Lessons from a Corporate Mentoring Program

DSCN4593"Sun Mentoring: 1996-2009" is a Sun Microsystems Labs Technical Report by Katy Dickinson, Tanya Jankot and Helen Gracon, available for free download. Katy Dickinson and Tanya Jankot both work for MentorCloud now. The report provides a summary of mentoring information, best practices, metrics, and recommendations developed during 1996-2009. Individuals or companies wishing to develop mentoring relationships or programs are wise to consider findings from other mentoring experiences. The following lessons are summarized from "Sun Mentoring: 1996-2009"...

The magic of exhibiting / identifying potential

One of my daily habits is to read one article at random, from a stack of magazines I keep in my home office. Yesterday, the article I picked was about the plot to destroy america's beer. What caught my attention was not the beer part but these lines "....Lemann thought Brito had potential. He agreed to pay for him to get an MBA at Stanford University....In 2004, Brito became CEO..." Brito, according to the story, met Lemann through a family friend, and adds that the 'two were well matched'. Brito proudly calls Lemann his mentor. Their meeting appears to be partly serendipity.

TechWomen 2013 Mentees’ Application Open Now

IMG_5978 TechWomen potential Mentees may now apply for the 2013 program. Katy Dickinson, MentorCloud's VP for Solutions, has been working with TechWomen since 2010 and recommends the program highly, both for Mentees and for Mentors.

TiE Silicon Valley – Open Mentoring Sessions

IMG_0999 On 12/12/12, TiE Silicon Valley held an evening of Open Mentoring Sessions as part of its MentorConnect program with MentorCloud. The goal was to provide aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pick the brains of experienced TiE SV mentors, in small groups of up to four per mentor. Ravi Gundlapalli and Katy Dickinson joined the event from MentorCloud.

12-12-12: An awesome day to make a resolution.

Today is very special. A day like this will not come for another 100 years so why not make a resolution to do something daily/weekly/monthly that can accelerate your professional and personal growth. You can always look back on 12-12-12 as the day you kicked off a special habit. My favorite quote from Aristotle "We become what we repeatedly do - Excellence then is not an act but a habit."